Saturday, August 26, 2006

About Time They Figured That Out

BBC News report about a new study from the Chatham House think tank that the primary beneficiary of the "war on terror" as pursued by the Bush administration is ironically the primary sponsor of Islamic terrorism-Iran.

This is for reasons that readers of this blogs was informed here about weeks ago before this report. Namely that the U.S. destroyed Iran's arch-rival, Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq and then held elections which -quite predictably given the fact that Shiites is a majority in Iraq and given the clan mentality prevalent in Iraq- resulted in the rise of pro-Iranian parties whose leaders were trained in exile in Iran during the Saddam era and then were elected by popular vote as a result of the Iraq war. Iraq has now turned from being a regional rival to being a ally for Iran, as a result of the Iraq war.

Another example of news and analysis that you'll be reading here before the mainstream media finally picks it up.


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