Monday, November 13, 2006

Stop Listening to Greenspan!

Alan Greenspan have been worth listening to, for two very different reasons during his life time.

First, during the 1960s he was worth listening to because he had sensible things to say, like during the 1960s when he was an associate of Ayn Rand.

Then, between August 1987 and January 2006, he was worth listening to, because he was the world's most influential man in the economic sphere. He was anything but sensible during that time, but since he had so much power it was nevertheless meaningful to study him and his statements.

But now, after he has retired? As Rachel Beck points out here, Greenspan is a lousy forecaster and as I've pointed out here, a lousy analyst. So, now that he at last is powerless, why does people keep people listening to him, other than as an example of someone who pathetically refuses to recognices the damage he and his intellectual dishonesty has caused.


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