Saturday, December 23, 2006

Honorary Knighthood-For Promoting More of Failed Policy

While a knighthood or honorary knighthoods (for non-citizens of the U.K.) may sound glamorous it should be evident now that it has no relation to actual positive deeds.
Irish singer Bono will now receive honorary knighthood.

Apart from the crappy songs U2 has produced, the reason seems to be that Bono have actively fought for years for increasing foreign aid to Africa (a cause recently joined by Angelina Jolie). In other words, he will receive "honorary knighthood" for promoting increased looting of western tax payers for foreign aid programs that have proved useless in the past.

Perhaps one shouldn't be that suprised that the British Queen choose to reward someone who promotes increased looting of taxpayers. Her livelihood is after all also dependent on the looting of tax payers and the same kind of undeserved prestige that she now shares with Bono.


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