Thursday, December 07, 2006

Religious Fundamentalism in Action

In Israel, ultra-Ortodox Jews demand that the Israeli airline El Al stop flying on the Jewish sabbath, or else face a boycott. El Al have no regular flights during the sabbath, but during a few occasions they have made flights for passengers whose regular flights just before the sabbath was delayed.

The ultra-Orthodox now demand a legally binding pledge that in the future, these passengers should be stranded during the entire sabbath in the event of any future delays. That makes absolutely no sense at all of course, but it is what religious dogma require.

The jihadist however, are apparently adament that they should top fundamentalists from other religions in evil. In the Somali town of Bulo Burto, the chairman of the Islamic court says that anyone who fails to pray 5 times or who are found not praying during the designated time, will be beheaded.


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