Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Statistical Notes Wednesday August 31

-Poland saw its GDP grow 4.3% in the second quarter compared to the same period last year, with the annualized quarterky growth being almost the same (4.4%).

-Canada saw quarterly growth fall from 0.9% (3.6% at an annualized rate) to -0.1% (-0.4% at an annualized rate). Taking terms of trade into account improves the picture somewhat, but even then it is clear that the Canadian economy slowed dramatically in the second quarter.

-Spain's current account deficit in June fell to €2.0 billion, from €3.6 billion in June 2010. For the entire first half, the deficit fell from €29.7 billion to €26.3 billion.

-Estonia's boom continues as retail sales in July increase 4% in real terms compared to the previous year and industrial production the same month increases 4.7% compared to June and 22.9% compared to July 2010.

Retail sales in Latvia also increased in July, by 1.8% in real terms compared to June
and by 6.4% compared to July 2010.

-Yearly growth in the Philippines slowed from 4.6% in the first quarter to 3.4% in the second quarter.

-India's GDP growth slowed to 7.7% from 7.8%.

-Israel's labor market continues to strengthen as its unemployment rate fell from 6% in the first quarter to 5.5% in the second quarter, while the employment rate rose from 54% to 54.3% during the same period.


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