Monday, October 28, 2013

Obamacare-The System Almost No People Wants

Despite the efforts by Republicans to stop, and despite the initial technical glitches on the web site, Obamacare is almost certain to last. As the latest showdown illustrated, Republicans in a too weak position to use its control of the House to make Obama and the Senate agree to repeal it, and the technical glitches is almost certainly something a few thousand professional computer programmers  hired by Obama can solve in a few weeks or months.

Yet strangely, despite being the new law of the land, almost no one seems to really want it. Republicans clearly don't want it, but most people who defend it doesn't really want it either. The popular leftist group blog "The Daily Kos" has repeatedly published posts saying they really want a different system. And Robert Reich, Paul Krugman and many other prominent liberal pundits have similarly expressed a preference for another system, and so have President Obama and Senate Majority leader Harry Reid. That other system is of course the single payer system that for example Canada and most European countries have.

So who really thinks that Obamacare is a good system, their first choice? I haven't found anyone who actually thinks so, though presumably some of the Joe Lieberman-type centrist Democrats who voted for it but was unwilling to include a so-called "public option" actually likes it. Still, it seems that only a small minority views Obamacare as their first choice for health care system, with the bulk of its support coming from Democrats who really wants a single payer system or at least "a public option" but views Obamacare as a lesser evil compared to the previous health care system and/or hopes that its shortcomings will lead people to support a single payer system


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