Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hungarians Riot Over Lying Social Democrats

Yesterday I began to have computer problems and I am also busy with an assignment that I must finish tomorrow so I couldn't post anything, and I won't be able to post anything today except for this. But stay tuned for more posts after that, including more comments about the Swedish election, including a full analysis of the economic implications of the new government and I will also discuss the implications of yesterday's Flow of Funds report for the American economy.

Meanwhile, I can't resist commenting on the recent riots in Hungary that was sparked by the fact that a Social Democrat was caught admitting that he lied about the economy. It's a good thing Swedes don't react in the same way when our Social Democrats lie about the economy. Otherwise, we'd have nearly constant unrest, given how they repeatedly lie about Sweden having the highest growth rate, the lowest unemployment rate, the highest employment rate and the strongest public finances in Europe and that income inequality is falling, none of which is even close to being true. Instead, as we all know, most Swedes chose to vote against them.


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